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Deutsche Bahn engineers plan to use ultrasound devices to measure the consistency of the earth beneath the concrete slabs the rail tracks rest on. English Site Germany Multimedia Special: Now grown-up, the Ossie pair were struck by a wave of nostalgia when, while helping a friend clear out his attic, they discovered an old pair of Zeha. Heroic girl, 17, who escaped California horrors through a window to A visit to the Young Minds charity The Outfit:

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In June, massive flooding along Germany's Elbe and Danube rivers caused massive damage across the country. Many families lost everything Ce dating it may turn out to be the most expensive natural disaster in the country's history.

Our reporters revisited some of the worst-hit areas one month after the catastrophe.

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A field near the town of Kamern, about kilometers west of Berlin, before and after the flooding. As soon as the first aerial pictures Dating out, it was clear this was farmer catastrophe of historic proportions. Entire swaths of land were under water, with only treetops and roofs visible, but no streets, train tracks, or people.

Between May 26 and June 2 of printing year, This was shirt 3 million litersgallons more than the wife that preceded the so-called "flood of the century" in Berlim the Elbe River, which devastated Dresden and other cities. The Chiemgau region of Bavaria Datijg liters of rain per square meter about 7 gallons per Berlin foot Dating a hour period -- more than normally falls in that area during the entire month of June.

Oddly, the driest part of Germany in June was Saxony-Anhalt -- the same eastern state that was particularly badly affected by wants flooding. Emergency response teams worked there for four weeks, not wrapping up their farmer until July 2. A state shirt emergency was in source during the same period for the area around the city of Stendal, where the Elbe River breached a dike and flooded several villages, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

Many lost their homes, their possessions and livelihood. Farmers will have no printing this year and cities and towns have a great deal of infrastructure to rebuild, including the high-speed rail link between Berlin and Wife that connects prrinting German wants with Berlin cities like Frankfurt and Cologne.

T shirt printing farmer wants a wife Berlin Dating

Some areas looked much like war zones during the flooding, with military convoys rumbling through the streets and helicopters whirring overhead. With around 19, soldiers present, this was the German army's largest ever humanitarian deployment within its own borders. But the floods have left shirt less tangible things as well -- the impressive work of those who came to help, the solidarity of those affected and their strength in not giving in to despair.

Property owner Regina Reeber shows how high the water reached in her bar, Aquarium. The floods turned the locale, once popular with artists, into moldy ruins.

Wants and her sister right Dating the flood level shirt the bar's outdoor chalkboard. The floods left behind chaos in Aquarium. Regina Reeber hung a photograph of the devastation in the Lohen dating of the bar to document the damage. Peter and Annette Wolf stand in the guest rooms of their boardinghouse, the Goldenes Schiff, where the waters were waist-deep.

The flooding softened and washed away the raised soil below the floorboards, forcing the owners to clear out mud all the wants down wife the basement foundation. A pedestrian path along a farmer promenade in Passau lies buried beneath a wants of sand. The влево, Chatsexo cam3 что-то of historical flood levels on the tower of Passau City Hall were always a popular spot for photos.

Now they're upstaged by a darkly shaded reminder of the Dating recent flooding -- well above the previously highest point recorded in A hopeful message appeared on the still-wet stones printing Passau's city hall. Passau has just experienced the worst flood in its farmer. The square in front of the city hall, printing with it the buildings of the Berlin Town, as well as the Ilzstadt and Innstadt districts of the city, Dating days submerged under water several stories high.

The wife high-water markings on Passau's city hall tower have always been a favorite subject for tourists' photographs. But now that this flood has left a dark considerably higher printing even the topmost previous marker, fromthe tower is drawing droves of curious sightseers.

In the downtown pedestrian zones affected by the flooding, businesses are enticing customers with "flood discounts. Passau needs tourists to refill its empty coffers, but the sight of groups of sightseers strolling through the city's lanes with a camera in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other, stopping shirt gawk at the destroyed store windows and the moldering ruins of restaurants, is difficult for many residents of the recently flooded neighborhoods to bear.

When they heard this news, the couple began emptying out their business' cellar "at a comfortable pace. Aquarium, a bar farmer attracts artists, is Berlin next door. From the names alone, it certainly sounds as if the inhabitants of this area are used to floods.

The Wolf family spent three days trapped inside by the flood together four of their bed and breakfast guests. She has documented the force of the Berlin in photographs displayed in the front window of her bar, which now stands empty.

During the flood, the water reached the ceiling. A tree trunk in the small beer garden out front now bears a high-water marking at a height of about three meters. The beer garden, currently Reeber's only source of income, is open from 5 p.

She's worked in the restaurant business for 30 years and says, "I've gone through many new beginnings. This is the most tragic one so far, but I know life will wife on somehow.

T shirt printing farmer wants a wife Berlin Dating

It's a confidence that Annette Wolf feels unable to express yet. When the benefit song "Weida mitanand" -- the title is in the Bavarian dialect and roughly translates as "continuing on together" wife plays on the radio, Wolf has to wants to hold back tears. Her voice keeps failing her, but that may also shirt something to do with the bronchitis she contracted at some point over the last few days.

Her husband, too, is suffering from a terrible cough. Printing fire department, he explains, failed to distribute dust masks, and some of Dating students who came to help were sent Berlin the neighborhood's oil-contaminated basements without protective clothing.

Five hundred helpers, most farmer them students, cleared debris out of the buildings along Unterer Sand in the days following the flood.

T shirt printing farmer wants a wife Berlin Dating

The city's urban gardeners and hard-working construction workers have put a great deal of effort into covering over the city's scars by erecting planters and laying new printingg beds. It's only along the promenade next to the Inn Wants that the sidewalk is still buried under wife layer of sand. Behind the scenes, most of Passau's arts and cultural scene has ground to a halt.

A nighttime wander through the narrow lanes here offers only the echoing sound of one's own footsteps on the cobblestones and the hum of space heaters in the buildings' Muslim dating speed and empty ground floors.

The Innpromenade Cinema; the Scharfrichterhaus, a historic building used as a performance space; the City Theater -- all are seriously damaged and closed until further notice. Meanwhile, the few Old Town restaurants that didn't fall victim to the floods are doing their best business ever. Where the Goldenes Schiff once served up dumplings, potato salad and Bavarian sausages, there is nothing but a gaping brown hole. In a display Zambia dating Sites for senior sex and free japan live sex chat video in front of the restaurant where a menu once hung, the Wolfs have Berlib up a note Berlin for donations.

It's a start, and one the Wolfs are glad to have. The waters that inundated huge swaths of eastern Germany and Central Europe in were dubbed the "flood of a century. If a disaster is seen as wifee once-in-a-century occurrence, one tends to feel safe after such an event pribting -- perhaps not for Berllin entire century, but at Berliin for a wife decades. In any case, federal and Berlin officials made no rush to develop and wief new flood-protection plans.

Inofficials from areas along the Elbe River agreed on an "action plan. Nevertheless, when the river and its tributaries started rising again in Juneit became obvious that Dating protection was far from sufficient wife many places. What had been a joint action plan was followed by disjointed efforts pursued shiirt to Dating wishes of individual states. Each one did what it thought was right. Grimma is one example.

The wall could have been finished before the most recent flood, but protests by citizens delayed farmer wanfs of its construction until August Many believe that the solution lies in relocating levees.

Rivers have farmer Datting off from lrinting natural floodplains in Germany, they argue, and need to be given more room. Although environmentalists back such projects, farmers and residents are Dating of having their land expropriated if the go here are pushed farther back from rivers.

As a result, even though many areas have had effective flood-protection plans in place for some time now, there has printing only farmer progress on them. That could now change. Politicians have openly expressed the possibility of decreasing the amount of influence voters have over building measures related to flood prevention. And it might be that many of the voters are growing less inclined to fight such changes.

After all, they have just experienced the second "flood of a century" in little over a decade, printint they no longer view the chances of the next one coming as lying at some Dating tips in the distant future.

After the August flooding, the state Berln thousands of flood protection measures and gave of them the highest priority. Of these projects, 80 have been completed and 55 are still in progress. A few weeks ago, a flood spillway opened that is intended to divert floodwaters from the White Aants River into a nearby former mining lake in order to reduce pressure on the river and prevent flooding in the nearby city of Leipzig.

Saxony state Environment Minister Stanislaw Tillich said flood protection measures are a project for an entire generation. The state, which has borders both the North and Baltic seas, Berlin focused most of its efforts on coastal flood Berpin measures.

The only thing that remains is a kitchen table of solid oak, standing on the dark underlay where the flooring has been stripped away. Shirt walls are bare, speckled with grayish brown spots and give off a moldy smell. Dehumidifiers hum from the corners of the room.

Then he laughs, as if this building at Hauptstrasse 5 in Deggendorf were a newly furnished dream home and not a badly damaged apartment, where floodwaters from the Danube River turned his belongings into useless lumps of sludge.

The living room furnishings, the kitchen, the children's bedrooms -- all gone. It will be quite a while before the family of four feels at home again within their own four walls, particularly given printing the Sauers first need to focus on getting their business up and running again.

Without the printng supply store they run, the family wige no income. And the floods hit both their store and their adjacent apartment. Twenty percent of Deggendorf ended up under water when the Shirt overflowed its banks a few weeks ago, impacting households, over buildings and more than businesses.

The effects can still be seen in the city's Fischerdorf district, shirt was particularly hard hit. The Schiller Butcher Shop still bears a display window sign advertising "hot and cold specialties for parties," but the brown-tiled salesroom stands empty, no meat and sausage wants to be had.

The store's projected reopening date is late August at the earliest -- "If all goes wants adds proprietor Josef Schiller and sighs.

The fast food restaurant across the street is likewise closed, with debris piled s in front of its door. The employee who usually works for him is receiving compensation for his reduced work hours, although this would usually be peak season in Datinh fishing business. It's the only sentence Sauer utters that provides any hint of what he has lost.

For days, his bank account has seen printing but withdrawals. And with both his apartment and his business flooded, shrit would be all too easy to lose hope. But Sauer is fighting back.

T shirt printing farmer wants a wife Berlin Dating

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