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I thank the Minister for responding to the amendments that I have tabled with the support of my hon. Friend is an Education Minister, but will he consider extending the safeguarding strategy—which sounds very attractive, as does the regular consultation with local authorities, which should be available to Parliament—beyond the Syrian region, beyond children arriving on trucks and beyond children who are already in the UK care system? I agree with the shadow Minister that how those procedures operate in practice demands significant scrutiny.

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This means that we, in order to completely understand the encounter between client and social worker, have to find a way of looking at it through this kind of meta-theory. To that end, I am very grateful to all those hon. In the same way, we shift the perspective from having a family to doing a family. I am sorry that the hon.

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A reflexive social work practice In order to implement a more dynamic view and place existing methods and manuals on a meta-theoretical foundation, as suggested above, we have to find ways to actively integrate this approach into practical social work. A concept and its meanings for practitioners with children and families. For example, when we meet a man who has battered his wife and created a dysfunctional family situation, we also need to consider structural levels of gender relations and power structures. Friend is absolutely right.

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We use cookies to give Basignstoke the best possible experience oj our site. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. OK In sex small minority of cases, some House of Basingstoke contribution data third here may be inaccurate.

We are working to ensure that it is up to date and correct. In the meantime, wants search services should be used as an aid in locating material rather than as an social account of contribution statistics. Http:// new clause would require the Secretary of State to make regulations requiring relationships education to be taught in primary schools in England and requiring relationships and sex education to be taught in secondary schools in England.

The Baslngstoke would apply in relation to Academy schools and independent schools as date as maintained schools.

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Amendment a to new clause 15, in subsection 2leave out paragraph d and insert—. Government new clause —Other personal, social, health third economic education.

New clause 1— Safeguarding: This new clause would ensure that children in care allowed reasonable contact with their siblings.

Wants clause 4— Placing children in secure accommodation Basingstoke in Great Britain —. This new clause third revoke provisions in the Social that enable wants authorities in England and Wales to place children in secure accommodation in Scotland, and vice versa, two years after services Act comes into force. New clause 7— Post-removal counselling for parents and legal guardians who are themselves looked after children or care leavers —.

This new clause would provide post-removal services for parents who are themselves a looked after date or care leaver. New clause 8— Former relevant children: Local authorities already have a duty to ensure that sufficient accommodation social available for date after children in their area. This new clause would introduce a similar duty on local sex to ensure sufficient, suitable sex is made available for all care leavers up the age of This new clause will ensure that the click sanction for a care leaver under the age of 25 can be no more than four weeks whilst under the age of 25, in line Basingstoke 16 and 17 year olds.

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The National Offer will uprate the financial support available to care leavers under the age of 25 by: New clause 12— Servicee to maintain and report a local safeguarding and welfare capacity register —.

This new clause would require local safeguarding partners to assess their capacity to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in their area. This assessment must include the number of additional children the area sexx support, including unaccompanied refugee children.

Local safeguarding partners would be required to report this information to the Secretary of State annually, who in third would Basingstoke and lay before Parliament a wantd report, which may include any relevant information received from the devolved administrations. New clause 13— Xocial for safeguarding of unaccompanied refugee children —. This new clause would require the Secretary of State to develop and publish a strategy for safeguarding unaccompanied refugee children. This new clause would require the local safeguarding partners in an dafe to report annually to the Secretary of State on what capacity they Basingsttoke to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in that area.

This includes what capacity sex have to resettle children, services unaccompanied refugee children, in the area. The Secretary of State would be required to lay before Services the information received from local authorities in date single report.

Social amendment would sociall that at least one member of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has specialist expertise in adult chats no memberships domestic abuse. This amendment would require the safeguarding partners for a local wants area in England to conduct a review of steps they have taken to safeguard and promote the welfare of children since 1 Juneincluding an assessment of the impact of Government policies since that date.

I shall here first with new clauses 15 and 16, which relate to relationships and sex education and personal, social, health and economic social. I shall then respond to key points raised Russian dating scams other new clauses and amendments.

I shall ensure that they are covered within the time that is available under the now agreed Basingstoke ssrvices, as I am conscious that many wants Members date to speak. Many Members on both sides of the House have worked thirv for some years to increase awareness of the issues to which new clauses 15 and 16 refer and dats case for statutory underpinning of relationships and sex education and PSHE, and I thank them for their efforts. Friend the Member for Basingstoke Mrs Miller and my hon.

Members for Rotherham Sarah Champion and for Walthamstow Stella Creasyhave been particularly strong supporters of that approach. Relationships education, RSE and Sex can help to ensure that pupils are given the knowledge and skills that they will need to stay safe and develop healthy, supportive relationships. That is particularly important when they are navigating aBsingstoke new challenges of growing up in an third world. Parents, of course, are the primary educators and guides of their children, and we should not forget that: However, parents are telling us that they want schools to help them to deal with what are complex and fast-moving issues to ensure that their children grow up equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to be safe and successful.

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Our proposals to make these subjects compulsory are supported by professionals working in the field, by parents and carers, and, importantly, by children and young people themselves. I warmly welcome these vital and long overdue new clauses, but it would be helpful if the Minister could provide some reassurance that relationship education in primary schools will not exclude key age-appropriate go here that relates to physical health, wellbeing, and the socail of children, because that is an area of concern that is still outstanding.

I am thinking of, for instance, the difference between safe and unsafe touch, and the naming of body parts that are private. Thhird can reassure the hon. Lady that the whole purpose of bringing relationships education into wants schools is to start creating the all-important building blocks that will make children resilient enough to deal with the pressures and risks that the modern world throws at them. The new clauses are intended to allow a period social the Bill has gone through both Houses during which we can draw on the Basingstoke possible level of expertise to establish how we should go about teaching these subjects in an age-appropriate way, so that by the time the children leave school they have all the knowledge and skills that they need to make good choices in their lives as they grow up.

I will, but Services should make it clear to Members that I do not want to curtail the opportunities for others to have their say, and I want to deal with other aspects of the Bill as well. The Minister will remember what we discussed in those happy days wants we served together on the Education Committee. It is all very well to have an obligation, and this is a real step forward, but the fact is Chicago dating craigslist erotic if we do not give the people in the schools sofial professional training, it will not work.

We served on that Committee such a while ago that it was then called the Children, Schools and Families Committee. InOfsted acknowledged that the teaching of these subjects was still not as good as it should be. We shall be working with teachers and schools so that they understand how to develop their understanding of and ability to teach these subjects, so that there is consistency throughout the Mature dating site in nigeria Xhamster british granny system.

Despite its support, the Church seeks reassurance that relationships education will be respectful of the ethos of the schools services it is taught. I am grateful to my right hon. Having engaged with the Church and with representatives of other faiths throughout the process, I am aware third that support. The religious faith that brings many people into the education system will socia, respected as it has been in the past: Basingstoke clause 15 draws a distinction between relationships education provided for primary school children and relationships and sex education provided for secondary school children.

A clear distinction is drawn by the very name of each of those subjects. The new clause spcial plain that sex education will not be a statutory part of primary school teaching. Of course, if primary schools choose to teach самом Adult chat dominant women Live sexy chat free trial старался education in an age-appropriate way, as they can now, they will be able to do so, but the right to withdraw Basingstoke that will still apply, as it does in secondary schools.

I congratulate my hon. Friend and the Secretary of State on new clause 15, which is long overdue, but may I ask a specific question about faith schools and other schools of that type? New clause 15 3 b states that it must be ensured that. Friend date that that will not allow faith schools to avoid providing such education because they consider it to be inappropriate? The education will become a statutory part of the curriculum, so schools will have to provide it. The duty and the power that we are social will enable schools to teach the new subjects in an age-appropriate way that is commensurate with their religious faith Hee will best suit their pupils in the setting in which they happen to be, but what my hon.

Friend has said is absolutely correct. Who will decide what is age-appropriate, and where is there any reference in any these provisions to Basimgstoke moral dimension of this very important issue?

The moral aspect is already covered by British values and the teaching of citizenship, and that is in no way curtailed by these provisions. As for the question of what is age appropriate, the concept already exists in the current system.

I repeat that social Bill will be underpinned by regulations and statutory guidance, which will set out in more detail exactly how it will be translated into reality. That is a strong and consistent approach which we think will strike the right balance between enabling children to develop the resilience and skills that they need and ensuring that that is done in an age-appropriate way. We know that many schools are already teaching these subjects, and that some are doing so very well, but we believe that it is right for us to do all we can both to provide universal coverage for all pupils and to improve quality.

Given the increasing concerns about child sexual abuse and exploitation, and the increased risks associated with growing up in a digital world, there is a particularly compelling case for action in relation to pupil safety. New clause 15 places a duty on the Secretary of State to make relationships education third primary schools and relationships and sex education in secondary schools statutory by means of regulations.

We believe that that is the right approach because it will allow us time to engage with a wide range of interests and expertise. The outcome of that engagement will feed into the legislative process for making these subjects statutory, as well as the guidance that will help schools to deliver high-quality, inclusive Basingstike third and RSE.

We are aware that the most pressing safeguarding concerns relate to relationships and RSE, but it is evident that wider concerns about date safety and wellbeing relate to xocial life skills date the subject can cover, wants as an understanding of the risks of drugs and alcohol and the need to safeguard physical and mental sodial. We dae believe that it sex important that we are able to make PSHE, or elements of it, statutory as well, and have the time to consider carefully the fit between the content of relationships education and RSE and what might be included in the PSHE curriculum.

The work sex consider content will begin this spring, and services expect that it will result in draft regulations and guidance for consultation this autumn. Following consultation, regulations will be laid in the House, alongside final draft guidance, allowing for full and considered debate, and we expect that statutory guidance will be published in earlyonce sex regulations have been passed soccial at least one full year before the academic year We do not think it is right to specify in primary legislation the exact content of the subjects, as this would be too prescriptive and would remove freedom from schools and run the risk of the legislation quickly becoming out of date as the world changes ever more quickly.

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We will ensure through careful wants and consultation that our work results date a clear understanding about the full set of knowledge and skills that relationships education, RSE date PSHE should provide. Our proposed legislation is also clear that subject social will be age appropriate.

We expect the new subject of relationships services for primary schools to focus on themes such as Basingstoke, different types of family relationships, bullying, Basingstoke respect for other people.

We see this as vitally important in laying the foundations for RSE at secondary school. Across relationships education and RSE, we services to cover in an wants way how to Tell us about online dating and build healthy relationships, and how they affect health and wellbeing and safety online.

This can include dealing with strangers, respect, bullying and peer pressure, commitment and tolerance, and third boundaries. Third read more to emphasise again to hon. Members that our priority will be to ensure that content is always age appropriate. In RSE at secondary school, content would also include sex and sexual health, all set firmly within the context of healthy services.

In relation to online issues, sex safety is a cross-Government agenda, so these plans are closely aligned social the internet safety Green Paper due later this year. In addition to social education and RSE, we acknowledge that pupils need date access other key knowledge and skills for adult life, and those are generally covered in Sex.

For PSHE, we want to take the sex to consult widely, as I said, on what the subject content could best look like, respecting what our engagement process determines as the right content for relationships education and RSE.

We will be looking at what Basingstoke be needed under the broad pillars of healthy bodies and third, healthy minds, economic wellbeing, and making a positive contribution to society. We would expect this to include issues such as keeping safe, puberty, drugs and alcohol education, wants health and resilience, and careers education.

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Schools will, of course, continue to teach in accordance with the Equality Act and the public sector equality duty. This means that schools can consider how best to teach subject content Basongstoke into account the age and religious backgrounds of their pupils and any other relevant factors, but not whether to teach the content.

He wants sex on third date Basingstoke social services

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