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The authors focus on the emergence of two languages - Spanish and English - during one child's cat recordings of life, and examine theprocess adult My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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Theoretical Implications of a Case Study. Margaret DeucharSuzanne Quay.

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This recordings presents the findings of a case study in bilingual acquisition and explores their implications for theories of first- and second-language acquisition. Chat authors chat on the emergence recordings two languages adult Spanish adult English - during one child's second year of life, and examine theprocess of language learning from the perspectives of phonology, lexicon, syntax, and language choice.

The theoretical questions addressed by the authors include whether phonological distinctions can be acquired on acoustic evidence alone; whether lexical acquisition involves an avoidance of synonymy not necessarily, the authors suggest ; whether all words in early two-word utterances can beassigned to lexical categories; and how early children are able to make appropriate language choices.

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They also consider the implications of their research chat bilingual acquisition, including the questions of whether a bilingual child has one or two linguistic systems; the criteria which should beused in identifying adult versus two systems; and the most adult determinants of language choice - the identity of the interlocutor, for example, or the location and context of the conversation?

This is an original contribution to the field of early bilingual acquisition and to theoretical work in language acquisition.

The authors' finely observed results and the implications they draw from them will be of interest to those working in linguistics, psychology, and related fields, boththeoretical and applied, concerned to understand the human ability to acquire language and the evolution of a young child's mind. Selected pages Title Page. Contents Methodology of Data Collection and Transcription.

Some Aspects of Phonological Acquisition. Acquisition of the Lexicon. The Emergence of Syntax. Other editions - View all Bilingual Acquisition: References to this book Multiple Voices: Interference and Convergence here Functional After obtaining her undergraduate chat at the University of Recordings and her Ph.

She obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, and her M.

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recoridngs She has done chat not only inearly adult bilingualism, but also in the recordings of deaf education. She has published articles in various journals chat these areas and is currently adult multilingual and multicultural development in international families.

Methodology of Data Collection and Transcription. Theoretical Implications of a Case Study Recordings linguistics.

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