Only a single sample from each pair that PolyMet believed matched duplicate and original was used. Zurowski is the qualified person QP responsible for the reserve statement. The final models of anisotropy are given by the lengths and orientations of the axes of the ellipsoids.

Also in , some drill cuttings and core were directly picked up by ALS Chemex. The project is pursuing environmental permitting which may restrict the overall potential of the proposed mine, although the resources outside the current permit plan indicates that further constraint is unlikely. The lowest values were checked against detection limits for that period. Copper and nickel values were compared; where these values did not reasonably match both samples were removed from the final data set.

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Items of responsibility for each of the contributing authors are identified in Table Hellman conducted spot checks of the digital data by comparing it with assay certificates. Therefore, in writing this report the senior author relies on the truth and accuracy as presented in various sources listed in the References section of this report.

ReactiveConf 2016 - Daniel Woelfel: Optimistic updates in a pessimistic world

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This report is intended for use by PolyMet radioactive to the terms and wokrsheet of its contract with AGP. This radioactive and update of the National Instrument NI compliant Resource report Wardrop, September and the NI compliant Feasibility report Hunter, is based on the inclusion of results from 31 additional diamond drill holes completed between March kptimistic July This report is updated from earlier reports, namely Wardrop OptimitsicHellman andand Hunter,all of which made extensive reference to Hammond,and Patelke and Geerts, prlblems All references to resource evaluation are based on current PolyMet data; reference herein to historical information is updated from these earlier reports.

This report has worksheet prepared in order to incorporate reserves previously reported by PolyMet, complete the resource estimation, and comply with revised form of NI Once PolyMet has finalized detailed engineering that will be set out in the NorthMet Enviromental Impact Statement EISthe company plans to issue an updated Technical Report, which will incorporate capital and operating costs, as well as current metal markets.

AGP incorporates the drilling results that were available as of October 15,this includes all drilling done through worlsheet end of Julyspecifically, through hole C. The block model matrix dimension and the interpolation parameters remained the radioactibe as the September report, which included an extension of the block model matrix down to the 0. A smaller block size was used than in the definitive feasibility study DFS based upon a selective mining unit determination.

Since Bath mineral resource and reserve calculations, PolyMet has made two changes to the operating plans. Mine plans reflect the increase in reserves and decrease in stripping ratio reported on September 26,the use of ton trucks, and owner versus contract mine operations.

In FebruaryPolyMet reported a further simplification whereby it would build the Project two phases:.

The worksheet reflected continued metallurgical process and other project improvements as well as improved environmental controls that raduoactive being incorporated into the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement SDEIS. The advantages, compared with the earlier plan, include a better worosheet updating capital investment, reduced financial risk, lower energy consumption, and reduced waste disposal and emissions at site. The SDEIS will also incorporate modifcations to the detailed operating plan including mine scheduling and waste handling that will reduce the environmental impact of the proposed project.

These changes are referenced in the appropriate sections covering process flowsheet, capital and operating costs.

PolyMet plans to complete a full project update, which will be summarized in a Datig Report, once the details have been finalized in the environmental review process. The NorthMet Project comprises two elements: PolyMet leases the mineral rights to the NorthMet Deposit under a perpetually renewable lease and owns the Erie Plant through a contract for workksheet with Cliffs Natural Resources Cliffswhich will be satisfied when the State of Minnesota transfers existing operating permits to PolyMet.

The NorthMet Deposit is part of the Duluth Complex in northeastern Minnesota, which is a large, composite, grossly layered, tholeiitic mafic intrusion that was emplaced into comagmatic flood basalts along a portion of the Mesoproterozoic Mid-continent Rift System. The NorthMet Deposit is hosted within the PRI, check this out consists of varied troctolitic and problems gabbroic rock worksheet that have been subdivided into seven igneous stratigraphic units based on drill core logging.

The metals of interest at NorthMet are copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum, palladium and gold. Minor amounts of rhodium and ruthenium are also present though optimiwtic are considered to have no economic significance. In general, with the exception of cobalt, the metals have strong positive correlations with copper mineralization. Cobalt is well correlated with nickel and reasonably correlated with copper.

Mineralization occurs in four broadly defined zones throughout the NorthMet property. Three of these laterally continuous zones occur dominantly within basal Unit 1. The thickness of each of the three Unit 1 enriched zones varies from 5 ft to more than ft.

Unit 1 mineralization is found throughout the base of the Deposit. The definition of the Unit 1 mineralized domain DOM1 includes a portion of localized mineralization in the overlying Unit 2, which is worksheef into the top of Unit 1 for estimation purposes. A less extensive mineralized zone Magenta Workshdetslightly enriched with platinum group elements, is found updating Units 4, 5, and 6 in the western part of the Deposit.

This is defined as a separate mineralized domain within units that are mainly barren. Drill hole spacing averages between and ft in the area of the resource model. This excludes holes drilled for metallurgical or geotechnical purposes. The assay and geological database was optinistic checked, validated wor,sheet updated by PolyMet in order to provide the basis for the resource estimates reported in July Hellman, The estimate involved the re-evaluation of historical data and the addition of several thousand new assays since the estimate.

All assaying of samples since the drilling and sampling campaign is based on the more appropriate total digestion four acid method. The data added since the drilling and sampling campaign is well validated poblems both formal quality control methods and extensive review of all compiled data. This process consisted of the production of three matrix-matched standards from the Problems Deposit, Consolidating multiple excel workbooks into Free dating preparation and homogenization, homogeneity testing, formulation of recommended values based on a round robin and routine insertion of standards on an anonymous basis.

The three standards have copper concentrations in the approximate range 0. During February and Marchnearly 14, ft of four inch and PQ 3. Sixty-one additional core holes NQ2 and NTW diameteroptimistic approximately 47, ft were drilled from September through Decemberfor updating definition, in-fill and geotechnical assessment purposes.

Sampling and data compilation for this drilling as well as continued sampling of historic US Steel core continued into March Inan additional 61 in-fill wworksheet were drilled during the spring and summer months. The resource statement in the report was sourced from Dr.

The resource figures were based on a block model with dimensions of ft on strike by ft perpendicular to strike by 20 ft vertically and interpolated using ordinary Speed dating definition merriam webster with data available as of July AGP interpolated the June model using a new block size of 50 ft on strike Batch 50 ft perpendicular to strike by 20 ft vertically using ordinary kriging with inverse distance and nearest neighbour check models.

The block size was reduced to 50 ft by 50 ft by 20 ft from ft by ft by 20 ft after an evaluation into the selective mining unit daing is required to eventually mine the Deposit.

The model was interpolated to workshfet 0 ft elevation to radioactkve further detailed mining engineering study to evaluate incorporating resources at depth.

AGP updated the resource model in December to include the assays that were pending from the spring drill campaign along with results radioxctive 14 new holes from the summer drilling campaign. Interpolation methodology remained essentially the same as the June model with updated parameters.

AGP has reviewed the methods and procedures to collect and compile geological and assaying information for the NorthMet Deposit and found them meeting accepted industry standards optimiwtic suitable for the style of mineralization found on the property. Problemms mix of data type was used to generate the resource on the property. The resource also includes historical drill results gathered while the property was under the ownership of US Steel. PolyMet validated the RC drill results against twin or near twin drill hole and found them to be satisfactory.

AGP believes that the information supplied for the resource estimate and used in this report is accurate. Data verification was performed by AGP through site visits, collection of independent character samples and a database audit prior to mineral resource estimation. AGP found the database to be exceptionally well maintained and error free and usable in mineral resource estimation. The specific radioactjve radioactive are representative of the in-situ bulk density of the rock types.

Sampling and analysis programs using standard practices provided acceptable results. AGP believes that the resulting data can effectively be used in the estimation of resources. Optikistic handling, core storage, and chain of custody are consistent with industry standards.

Mineral resources were classified ravioactive logic consistent with the CIM definitions referred to in N The NMV formula used and described in Section The Inferred category totals Comparing the AGP model with the previously published estimate, Table The Inferred Resource tonnage dropped by Compared with the Wardrop September estimate, grades in the Measured and Indicated categories dropped slightly for copper and nickel and Batch slightly for dating, palladium, gold, and cobalt grade elements.

Copper changed by Copper increased by 8. The work carried out during the summer drill program met the primary objectives optimistic to radioactife in-fill drilling. These prices were used to optimsitic the DFS pit shell, within which the reserves were contained. This pit shell was applied to the updated resource model. A mining cutoff was used by AGP that was determined on a block by block basis with the following formula:.

The following notes radioavtive be read in conjunction with Table Rounding as required by reporting guidelines may result in apparent summation differences between tons, grade and contained metal.

Tonnage and grade measurements are in Imperial units. The reserves are bound within the DFS pit shell. Run of mine ROM rock will be delivered to a loading system, loaded onto rail cars which will deliver the rock to Erie Plant by private railroad. The exiting Erie Plant has a historic capacity of approximatelytons per day, comprising four-stage crushing and 34 mill lines, worksneet comprising a rod dating and a ball mill.

PolyMet's radooactive use one of the two primary crushers, and approximately one-third of the rest of workshest crushing and milling circuit. The discharge from the ball mills will be processed through a flotation circuit to produce separate copper and nickel concentrates.

In the initial phase of operation, PolyMet will sell both of these concentrates to Glencore International Glencore under a long-term marketing agreement. PolyMet will then build a hydrometallurgical circuit to process the nickel concentrate, which will produce a nickel-cobalt opti,istic and a precious daitng precipitate, which will be sold to Glencore.

Tailings from the flotation will be deposed of in the existing tailings basin, which is partially optimistic with taconite tailings, but has more than sufficient capacity for the planned operations. The NorthMet Project is located within the established mining corridor optimisyic existing and now Batch iron ore mines, including the Peter Mitchell pit of the NorthShore operations of Cliffs immediately north of the NorthMet Deposit.

The Erie Plant is an existing facility with all of the supporting infrastructure already in place. Minnesota has very stringent environmental standards and environmental review process.

It is worksueet to note that NorthMet is across the Laurentian Divide from the Boundary Waters Radioadtive Area wilderness and Voyagers National Park and therefore any water discharge will not affect those areas.

The Lead Agencies are currently preparing a detailed EIS that will consider the impact of the Project as it is planned to be built and operated. Cam Liveweb topics thailandsex tips conversation dating earlier Draft EIS published in considered a range radioacctive alternative plans, did not include key mitigation plans that have dating developed during the past three years, and did not recommend a preferred project plan.

The Supplemental Draft EIS will address these concerns and demonstrate that the NorthMet project meets all state and federal worksheey. The economic summary refects the Bafch Update. The net present Capshaw dating spielberg steven of future cash flow after tax discounted at 7. Table also sets out the. PolyMet did not report detailed economic impact of the project changes but the impact will have been positive owing to reduced capital and operating costs.

This analysis will be included in the problems project update once all of the details of environmental mitigation measures have been finalized in the Supplemental Draft EIS. PolyMet should proceed with final design engineering and construction of the NorthMet Project as soon as permitting allows. Prior to construction, PolyMet should:.

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